Fisch, Oliven und mehr: 2. Brief von Fillipos Polatsidis (2016)

Dear friends,

this is some kind of report to let you know an initiative that i amorganizing in Thessaloniki.

As you may already know, Pervolarides already produce seasonal groceries, cheese, yoghurt, honey, marmalade and tomato sauce for our self sufficiency at first and then for a small income production.

We face a huge humanitarian crisis (both for locals and immigrants/refugees) and we need to have an answer on that. That is why i have come to an agreement with the central fish market to deliver free of charge fresh fish for 50 families. Additionally, we receive as donations and deliver for free rice, flour, beans etc.

Next step is the following: We provide fish for some families of refugees who stay in some houses granted by their owners. We invite 1-2 members of these syrian refugees to work on the farm and get their grocerries. Also, when we have availability on tomatoes or fruits i will organize a „production line“ for tomato sauce preparation and/or marmalade. Our intention is that the refugees will feel productive and become mobilized. Also we intend to embody them (if they want, of course) inside the greek society. This action will be realized with the help of the informal group „Παιδαγωγοί τηε Αλληλεγγύης-Teachers of Solidarity“ who provide recreational and educational activities for the children in the refugee camps.

Workers of Viome ( also get their fresh fish who have their own (but not lonely) struggle for factory self management. In exchange, they will provide us with soaps, detergents etc for the families we support.

So, in total we have the following circle:

People from the fish market give fresh fish for free. In exchange they get some tomato sauce, marmalade for free and soaps for free.
Workers in Viome receive fresh fish. In exchange they provide soaps and detergents for families and the refugees.
Refugees receive for free fish, soap, marmalades, groceries etc. In exchange they work in the farm and contribute in the „production line“ for tomato sauce preparation/marmalade.

We aim to create a products circle out of nothing in order to sustain society’s net and mobilize our people who are in need. (see on facebook)

In solidarity,
Filippos Polatsidis (14.06.2016)