Thanking letter from Pervolarides to Respekt für Griechenland


Dear All,

With this letter we would like to express our gratitude for the financial support of the ‘Respekt für Griechenland’’ organization towards our self-help initiative ‘’Pervolarides’’ in Thessaloniki, Greece. The amount of money that was transferred (610 €) will cover mostly rental costs and bills for our basement. People that support us should know that they help 20-30 families per month to receive food packs and fresh vegetables. Furthermore, you support 1 beekeeping group and 1 group that produce tomato sauce and marmalade.  

But the most important fact is that you support our way of viewing life in solidarity, cooperative way. You are helping us not only to support our fellow citizens but also to create a future with projects that mobilize the local and refugee community, giving hope and smile to our people.

Last but not least: Germans and Greeks have more in common than our governments and Mass Media force us to believe. Your help and positive thinking is the proof for that.

Please feel free to contact us at:

Pervolarides Thessalonikis
What’s up: 0030 6945260479

On behalf of Pervolarides,
Filippos Polatsidis