Support needed for a decent housing and social inclusion of refugees in Athens

We need your support for a decent housing and social inclusion of refugees in Athens. Could you help us?

WELCOMMON, a model for hosting and social inclusion of refugees promoting coexistence and dialogue between the cultures

Dear friends

As the President of the Social Enterprise “Wind of Renewal”, I am pleased to inform you about WELCOMMON, to call you to visit our web site or/and the links with videos and ask your kind support to this model community center where we combine decent and safe housing with social inclusion and job integration of refugees. WELCOMMON is a different, an innovative, model community center for accommodation of refugees, especially those who need long term care and protection, the most vulnerable groups of refugees:

– people with disabilities, serious medical conditions, serious psychiatric disorders,
– victims of torture, rape, trafficking,
– pregnant women, families with newborns.

It is a structure not only for refugees but with refugees for the benefit of the local community as well.

We need your support and help!

WELCOMMON needs you support and help, in order to be able to sustain its function long term. The current cooperation with the Development Agency of the Municipality of Athens and UNHCR is about to finish by the end of February 2018. But an integrated center offering both decent / safe housing and opportunities for empowerment, social inclusion and job integration of refugees is needed now more than ever.


Read more about us and how you could support and help us…

We remain at your disposal. Our best wishes for the New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Nikos Chrysogelos
Chairman of “Wind of Renewal”
Project manager of WELCOMMON